USB Audio series



KT0201 is a USB audio codec single-chip that provides processing USB audio signals.
KT0201 integrates many interfaces including the stereo analog output, mono analog microphone input, low-noise microphone amplifier, low-noise microphone bias circuit, Class-G audio power amplifier, audio digital signal processor, clock oscillator, DC/DC, USB interface, 2-wire interface, etc.
KT0201 integrates a USB 2.0 function controller and transceiver, it is compatible with full-speed mode, USB HID device class 1.11 and Audio device class 1.0. It can support all major commercial operating systems (such as Windows, Linux and Android) without drivers.
KT0201 integrate with an audio digital signal processor (DSP), which can realize the audio processing functions such as audio equalizer (EQ), wind- filter (WF), noise gate (NG), automatic noise suppression (ANS), audio dynamic range compression (DRC), etc. It can realize the various audio processing configurations via FLASH.
KT0201 integrates low-noise microphone pre-amplifier and low-noise microphone bias circuit integration. High-performance Class-G audio power amplifier can directly drive a 16ohm load without the need for AC coupling capacitor. There is no POP noise while the chip is powered on or off. It can support up to four configurable key inputs.
KT0201 has internal oscillator and no external crystal is required. 6 GPIOs are available for customers. It has the 2-wire interface, PWM output (breathing light), auxiliary ADC input, external interrupt, etc.
KT0201 can meet the needs of various USB headset /headphone products. It has powerful performance and rich features. The total solution which greatly reduce the difficulty and cost of the development. It also improves the reliability and consistency of products, which making products easier to produce.


General characteristics
Integrated with audio digital signal processor;
Integrated with a clock oscillator and no need for external crystal;
Single-chip USB audio controller;
Integrated with two channels 8-bit SAR ADC;
Integrated LDO;
Integrated with stereo audio DAC, SNR 103dB, THD-102dB;
Integrated with mono audio ADC, SNR 93.5dB, THD-87dB;
Integrated with audio power amplifier, no need to output AC coupling capacitor;
Integrated with low-noise microphone bias circuit, with adjustable bias voltage;
Integrated with low-noise microphone amplifier circuit;
Support up to four configurable key inputs;
Power voltage range (4.5V-5.5V);
Available for configuration of VID, PID and other information;
Integrated with FLASH to allow customer for secondary development programs;
6 configurable GPIO ports;
2-wire interface;
Breathing light.
USB Controller 
Conform to the specifications for full-speed transmission mode of USB 1.1/2.0;
Compatible with USB Audio device class 1.0;
Compatible with USB HID device class 1.11;
Driver free;
System wake from button press.
DSP Function 
Configurable audio equalizer;
Configurable noise gate function;
Configurable wind-noise filter;
Configurable automatic noise suppression;
Configurable audio dynamic range compression function.
QFN-40 5 mm * 5 mm
Environmental protection
Compliant with Pb-free and RoHS standards.


USB Headphone/Gaming Headphone
USB Microphone
USB Speakers
USB Sound Card
USB Featured Consumer Audio Product
USB Audio Interface Box
USB Monitor
Video Conference System
Microsoft™ Lync/Skype VoIP Headset
Notebook/Netbook Docking
Android Phone/Slate Docking