Radio series


KT0803L, our new generation of low cost Monolithic Digital FM Transmitter, is designed to process high-fidelity stereo audio signal and transmit modulated FM signal over a short range. It’s based on the architecture of award-winning KT0801 and it’s also an upgrade of KT0803l. The additional features added to KT0803L are standby mode through software, ALC (automatic level control), multiple reference clock, increased SNR performance and frequency response.
 The KT0803L features dual 20-bit ΔΣ audio ADCs, a high-fidelity digital stereo audio processor and a fully integrated radio frequency (RF) transmitter. An on-chip low-drop-out regulator (LDO) allows the chip to be integrated in a wide range of low-voltage battery-operated systems with power supply ranging from 1.6V to 3.6V.
The KT0803L is configured as an I2C slave and programmed through the industry standard 2-wire MCU interface.
It only requires a single low-voltage supply. No external tuning is required that makes design-in effort minimum.
Main Features
Software standby;
Automatic power down power amplifier when silence is detected;
Multiple reference clock support    including from 32.768KHz to 26MHz;
ALC (Automatic Level Control) 
Higher SNR (66dB)
Increased audio frequency response
Software controlled XTAL selection
Professional Grade Performance:
SNR ≥ 66 dB
Stereo Separation > 40 dB
International compatible 70MHz ~ 108MHz
Ultra-Low Power Consumption:
< 17 mA operation current
< 3 µA standby current
Small Form Factor:
         16-pins SOP 
Simple Interface: 
Single power supply
Standard 2-wire I2C MCU interface 
Advanced Digital Audio Signal Processing: 
On-chip 20-bit ΔΣ Audio ADC
On-chip DSP core
On-chip 24dB PGA with optional 1dB step
Automatic calibration against process and temperature
1.6V ~ 3.6V supply 
Programmable transmit level 
Programmable pre-emphasis (50/75 µs)
Pb-free and RoHS Compliant
Main applications
MP3 Player, 
Cellular Phone, 
Portable Personal Media player 
and it’s accessory,
Laptop Computer, Wireless Speaker