Radio series


The KT0810SG is KT Micro’s latest generation of high-quality Monolithic Digital FM Receiver designed to playback high-fidelity FM broadcasting signals.
The KT0810SG offers several new features on top of  the low BOM cost and high performance solution based on KT0810. Automatic short-antenna tuning enables the excellent signal reception with a short antenna, such as a short wire in package, and improves the user experience by eliminating the earphone antenna required by the competing products. With improved clock generation scheme, KT0810SG can work with any system clock generated by the controlling chip, no matter whether is a base-band, an AP or a MP3 decoder chip. The new SNR meter added another tool to validate a channel with existing RSSI. The programmable sound effects such as Bass Boosting ensure an uncompromised listening experience and suit a wide range of tastes. KT0810SG is packaged in QFN 3x3 making it ideal for any portable application. Extra signal swing at the audio output is provided to improve the flexibility for the following audio amplification.
KT0810SG operate with power supply ranging from 2.0V to 3.6V consuming merely 19mA in full operation mode and less than 10uA when standby – greatly extending the battery life. The KT0810SG works with I2C interfaces. 
Main Features
Ultra compact package: 16-pin QFN 3x3
High sensitivity with short antenna tuning
Reference clock sharing with all CPU
Built in SNR meter and RSSI
True single-chip solution
       Single-Chip Low IF FM Receiver
       Digital FM Demodulator
       Digital Stereo Processor
       Low-noise PLL with integrated VCO
High Fidelity
       SNR (Stereo/Mono): 64dB/60dB
       THD: 0.3%
High Sensitivity: 1.6uVEMF
Low supply current
       19mA (operating), <3uA (power-down)
Extended FM band support (64-110MHz)
Programmable Bass Boost
Integrated Class AB headphone driver
Fast Seek/Tune
Automatic Frequency Control (AFC)
Automatic gain control (AGC)
De-emphasis (50us/75us)
Adaptive noise suppression
Anti-pop circuit
32.768KHz and 38KHz crystal support
Variable reference clock support including 32.768 KHz/7.6MHz/12MHz/24MHz
Industry standard I2C interface
2.0-3.6V supply voltage
Main applications
Portable devices such as Cellular Phone,
MP3 Player, PDA, Radio, Portable Personal Media player