Radio series


The KT0830EG is a high-quality Monolithic Digital FM Receiver designed to playback high-fidelity FM broadcasting signals under various conditions.
The KT0830EG offers a true single-chip FM radio solution. There are no external filters or frequency-tuning devices thanks to a proprietary digital low-IF architecture, a fully-integrated LNA, automatic gain control (AGC), high-performance ADCs, high-quality analog and digital filters, and an on-chip low-noise self-tuning VCO. The on-chip high-fidelity Class-AB driver further eliminates the need for any external audio amplifiers and can drive stereo headphones directly.
The on-chip LDO regulator allows the chip to operate with power supply ranging from 2.0V to 3.6V consuming merely 19mA in full operation mode and less than 10uA when standby – greatly extending the battery life.
The small footprint, high integration level and great flexibility make KT0830EG for any standalone FM radio applications. 
Main Features
Fully compatible with KT0830E
Excellent radio reception with short antenna
32.768KHz and 38KHz crystal support
Variable reference clock support including 32.768 KHz/7.6MHz/12MHz/24MHz
Excellent tuning experience with built in SNR meter and RSSI
Low-cost true single-chip FM radio solution
Single-Chip Low IF FM Receiver
Direct band, volume, frequency selection
Digital FM Demodulator
Digital Stereo Processor
Low-noise PLL with integrated VCO
Extended FM band support (64-109MHz)
Integrated Class AB headphone driver
High Fidelity
SNR: 64dB
THD: <0.3%
High Sensitivity: -106dBm
Low supply current
19mA (operating), 1uA (power-down)
High Driving capability
       Drive up to 16 ohm load (single-sided)
Automatic Frequency Control (AFC)
Automatic gain control (AGC)
Anti-pop circuit
16-pin SOP package
Main applications
Single chip FM radio used in PMP, boom box,   sporting devices, medical devices and etc