Radio series


The KT0853 is KT Micro’s 2nd generation of proprietary fully integrated FM receiver chip that upgrades the performance, improve the user experience and ease integration and manufacturing efforts. The new features includes the additional audio input, independent status indicator, improved EMI/EMC and higher FM stereo separation.
Thanks to the patented tuning technology, the receiver maintains good signal reception even with short antennas. The chip consumes merely 25mA current and can be powered by 2 AAA batteries. Another useful feature is that the volume and channel information can be preserved in standby mode without external memories. KT0853 supports a wide range of reference clocks from 32.768KHz to 26MHz, hence can share system clocks with a varieties of MCUs further reducing the system BOM cost. The KT0853 have different user interface schemes like other parts in the KT085x family,
With high audio performance, fully integrated features and low BOM cost, KT0853 is ideal for various applications and products that require flexible programmability for rich features
Main Features
Worldwide full band FM support
       FM: 32MHz-110MHz
Fully integrated frequency synthesizer with no external components
High Sensitivity
       1.6uVEMF for FM
High Fidelity
       SNR (FM): 60dB/55dB
       THD: 0.3%
Low Supply Current
       25mA (operating)
       <15uA (standby)
Advanced features
       Automatic antenna tuning
       Enhanced Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) Capability (up to 200KHz)
       Embedded FM SNR meter
       Embedded ST indicator
       Embedded line-in driver and TPDT switch
       Fast seek/Tune
       Integrated stereo headphone driver
       I2C control interface for MCU
       Channel and volume info stored and recovered
Low supply voltage
        2.1V to 3.6V, can be supplied by 2 AAA batteries
Support both 32.768KHz and 38KHz crystal
True Continuous Reference Clock supported
       From 30KHz to 40MHz with 3V voltage tolerance
Compatible with EN55020
Small form factor SSOP20L package
RoHS Compliant
Main applications
Desktop and portable radio, mini/portable audio systems, clock radio, campus radio, PMP docking station, car audio system, toy and gift.