KT Micro recognized as "Beijing Design Innovation Center" by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission

发布日期:2020-05-08 05:44:00浏览次数:1188

In order to implement the spirit of documents such as the“General Plan for Strengthening the Construction of the National Science and Technology Innovation Center in Beijing” and comprehensively promote the construction of the “Design City”, the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission was responsible for authorizing the Beijing Design Innovation Center in 2020. KT Micro secured this year’s authorization once again with its good design innovation capabilities and outstanding support service since winning this title for its first time in 2014 . 
Given the authorized title "Beijing Design Innovation Center", KT Micro regards it as government’s recognition and affirmation to its technological innovation and design innovation strength. KT Micro will further improve the design innovation mechanism, strengthen the construction of the design innovation environment, enhance the design innovation capabilities and contribute to the construction of Beijing's design capital and the development of China's semiconductor industry.