Fighting against the COVID-19

发布日期:2021-02-08 05:46:00浏览次数:1218

Since the outbreak of the new COVID-19, KT Micro has always put the prevention and control of the epidemic first, continuously strengthened the awareness of prevention and control of employees, repeatedly emphasized the importance of epidemic prevention. The attention has been paid both by verbal reminding and real implementation. Quick-response measures such as daily temperature monitoring, regular disinfection of the company’s environment, distribution of masks, and re-arrangement of work stations for safe working-distance were taken in order to ensure safety. The company has never been slack on daily prevention and control work, whether it is during home office or after returning to normal working conditions. The company timely reported the prevention and controlling requirements to all members, clarified the relevant requirements for holidays, instructed employees not to go out of Beijing and not to leave the country unless it is necessary, urged employees to wear masks, wash their hands, and ventilate them frequently, and required employees to ask for permission if they need to go on business trips and strictly keep daily health data. During the severe period of the epidemic, all employees of the company were organized to do nucleic acid testing, and all employees were covered by COVID-19 insurance, which significantly prevented the occurrence of epidemic incidents and guaranteed the personal safety of all employees and ensured the safe development of the company. 
At present, the company is still actively responding the government's call and organizing all employees to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. We are confident that with people’s in-depth understanding of the novel coronavirus and continuous improvement of science and technology, we will surely get through this tough time and return to normal work and life soon. Winter is about to pass, and spring is upcoming.